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Thursday 5 December 2013

Definition of Verb- and its types- easy English grammar class notes in Hindi- banking grammar exam tips


Verb is called a doing word. It shows action.
A verb is a word used for saying something about some person or thing.
  -         J.C.Nesfield

Kinds of Verb
Transitive verb-In some sentences, the action passes over from the subject to the object. Verbs used in these sentences are called Transitive Verb
                      ·          He wrote a letter.
                      ·          She has helped me.
Intransitive Verb-there is some sentences in which the action does not pass over from the subject to the object.
The sun shines brightly.
                      ·          Birds fly.
                      ·          Helping verbs
We have seen that five helping verbs are used to express tense forms-
Present/Past indefinite- do/does, did
Future Indefinite will, shall
Continuous be (am/is/are, was, were, be)
Perfect Have (has/have, had)
Since verbs cannot function in these forms without these Helping verbs, these five helping words are called Primary or Principal Helping Verb.
                      ·          I shall go.
                      ·          You will do this.
                      ·          May he pass!

Difference between the nature of Helping Verb from Main Verb-

Ø Helping verb has no independent meaning and is never used independently.
Ø Helping verb is used to make negative sentences and questions.
Ø Helping Verb and not may be contracted as one word.
Ø Verb has the following characteristics.

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