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Wednesday 4 December 2013

Rules for Adjectives- English and computer easy class notes in Hindi

Rules for Adjectives

Ø Normally Adjectives used before the word which it’s qualify, but if we use Adjective it comes after verb.

                                                        ·          He is good boy.
              In this sentence adjective good is used as Attributive.
                                                        ·          The boy is good.
              In these sentences Adjective good is used as Predicative.

Ø Whose is the only Possessive Adjective and is to be used for both the living and non-living. However for the non-living we may use adjective phrase of which.
                                                             ·          The leg of that chair was broken.
                              Of which chair was the leg broken?

Ø Some Adjective show Highest Degrees in their meaning. So they don’t have any comparative and Superlative degree.

             Round,   Perfect,   Unique, Chief, Complete, Eternal, Extreme, 
             Ideal, entre, Universal, Square etc.

                                  ·          This book is complete in every way.
                                  ·          He is perfect gentleman.
Ø When we compare two nouns and say that one is more or less than the other, we use Comparative Degree.

                                                         ·          He is taller than she.
                                                         ·          Rohan is wiser than Abhishek.

Ø When we compare more than two Nouns, we use Superlative Degree.

                                                          ·          Amarnath is the highest Hindu shrine.
                                                          ·          The nearest hospital is 3 km away.

Exercise related to Adjective
                      ·          My house is bigger than   my uncle.
               My house is bigger than that of my uncle.
                      ·          He is more cleverer than his cousin.
               He is cleverer than his cousin.
                      ·          I prefer walking than swimming.
               I prefer walking to swimming.
                      ·          No less than forty people attended the marriage party.
               No fewer than forty people attended the marriage party.
                      ·          Delhi is the old city of India.
               Delhi is the oldest city of India.
                      ·          She  did not buy some pen.
     She did not buy any pen.
                      ·          Sulekha is beautiful than Sneha.
               Sulekha is more beautiful than Sneha.
                      ·          My sister is older to me.
               My sister is elder to me.
                      ·          Will you give the old man any help, please?
      Will you give the old man some help, please?
                      ·          The outermost walls of this room are to be painted green.
               The outer walls of this room are to be painted green.

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