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Saturday 30 November 2013

Definition of Adjective- Grammar tips for competitive exam

Adjectives are describing words that qualify or add something to the meaning of a noun or pronoun.
·        The lazy dog sat on the rug.
·        Raksha has little affection for his cousin.
Types of Adjective
Adjectives have been divided under two broad heads-
1.     Describing Adjective
2.     Determining  Adjective
             Describing Adjectives describe two ideas-
Quality – it is the answer of what kind of
Colour – it is the answer of what colour
Describing Adjectives-
Adjective of quality – It show the kind or quality of a Person or thing.
1.     He is old not young.
2.     His thoughtless actions harmed him.
Proper Adjective Proper adjectives are derived from Proper nouns and are written capital letters.
India – Indian, America – American, Shakespeare – Shakespearean
They are used attributively before Nouns.
1.     The revolution which took place in 1917 was Russian.
2.     I have a liking for American Literature.
Determining Adjectives – Since determining Adjective or Determiners are very few; adjective is generally called a describing word.
Possessive Adjectives – Possessive noun is a form of Possessive Adjective. Possessive Adjectives are My, Our, Your, His, Her, Its, their.
1.     Sing Your Song again, it was very sweet.
2.     They boarded the train without their tickets.
Interrogative Adjective - Interrogative   Adjectives are used before nouns to ask questions.
1.     What present do you want?
2.     Whose work was liked by all?
Adjective of Number – they are also the same as numerical pronouns. Which denotes exact numbers?
1.     Water from Seven rivers invoked on scared occasions.
2.     Of these story books you may take any one.
Quantitative Adjective – Quantitative Adjectives are always indefinite and always singular.
1.     He left no juice in the glass.
2.     After serving in a big firm he has earned a lot of money.


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