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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Definition of Noun and types of Noun- English Grammar for banking exam prepration


A noun is a word denoting a Person, place, animal, thing or abstract idea.

  • America is the powerful country in the world.
  • Philosophy is of little comfort to the starving.

                          Types of noun

Proper noun -   Proper Noun is a special word that represents the name of a specific person, place or organization. The names of days, historical documents, religions, their holy texts are Proper Noun.

  • Many people dread   Monday morning.
  • Bhagat singh was a great patriot.
  • David Garrick was a very prominent eighteenth-century actor.

Common noun-   A common Noun is a noun referring to a person, place or thing in general sense. It denotes a group or collection of similar thing.

  • Many childcare workers are underpaid.
  • According to the sign, the nearest town is 60 miles away.
  • All the gardens in the neighborhood were invaded by beetles this summer.

Abstract Noun- an Abstract Noun   is a noun which names anything which we cannot   perceive through your five physical senses. We cannot  see , hear smell or taste an Abstract Noun.

  • Many people do not believe that truths are self-evident.
  • Buying the fire extinguisher was an afterthought.
  • He was very mischievous in his childhood.

Concrete Noun- Concrete Noun is a Noun which names anything that we can perceive through our physical senses like touch, sight, taste, hearing or Smell. It is the opposite of an Abstract Noun.

  • I saw a dog at the beach which spends hours chasing waves.
  • The LIC agent urged the couple to buy the new health policy.

Collective Noun- A collective noun is a noun naming a group of things, animals, or persons. You could count the individual members of the group, but you usually think of the group as a whole is generally as one unit.

  • The steering committee meets every Wednesday afternoon.
  • The Class was startled by the bursting light bulb.
  • The Jury is dining on take-out chicken tonight.

Material Noun- Material noun is a noun which denotes matter or substance of which a thing is made or an ingredient of an alloy.

  • Iron is very hard metal.
  • Diamond is more precious than gold.
  • This chair is made of wood.

Countable Noun- Countable Noun is a Noun with both a singular and plural form and it indicates something that you can count.

  • We painted the table red and chair black.
  • The Oak tree lost its branches in the hurricane.

Uncountable Noun- a Non-Countable Noun (or Mass noun) is a Noun which refers to something that you could not usually count.

  • Joseph Priestly discovered Oxygen.
  • Water is an essential to human life.

Some Examples of Countable and Uncountable Noun

Countable Noun-

      1. This Film is based on the culture of Rajasthan.
      2. There were few people on the road
      3. A number of questions arose at the discussion.
      4. Each question in the paper carries one mark.
      5. She got enough pens for the Exams.

Non-Countable Noun-

      1. Oxygen is essential for Human life.
      2. Now the time is over for the offer.
      3. He takes other’s advice for final results.
      4. There’s little hope that he will survive.
      5. Most of the time he is not at home.

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