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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Rules related to Noun- Banking exam preparation notes on English Grammar

Rules related to Noun

Ø In English language There are some nouns which ends  in( –s) and the same form can function as a singular and a plural noun as well.Some of these words are Alms , Species , Means , Series etc.

·         The Airplanes   are the fastest  means of transport.
·        Which are your favorite TV- series?

Ø Nouns with a singular form but have a plural meaning. These are Government, Audience, Team, Crowd, Family, Group etc.

·        Budha’s family was against with their  views.
·        Government made rules for women security.

Ø Some Nouns in English seem to have a plural form but infact they have a singular meaning .Some of these words are News , Riches , Mums , Scissors  Spectacles etc.

·        Riches have wings.
·        Billiards is very famous game.

Ø There are also some nouns which only have plural form and , consequently are followed by a plural verb. Many of these are used with the phrase a pair of as they refer to something made up of two parts.

·        These are scissors are for cutting papers.
·        She badly needed  clothes , so I gave a suit to her.

Ø Some nouns which ends in (-ics) can take both a singular(if they are considered as the name of the Science) or a plural verb(if they express a specific application of Science) Some of these words are Mathematics , Economics , Politics , Acoustics , Rhetorics , Gymnastics.

·        Economics teacher was very strict.
·        Acoustics is the study of sounds.

                  Exercise related to Noun

Correct the following Sentences--

·        All the players were in high spirit.
Correct- All the players were in high spirits.

·        Our surrounding is awful.
         Correct- Our surroundings are awful.

·        The clock has struck three hours.
         Correct-The clock has struck three.

·        He took his clothings and left the place without informing us.
         Correct- He took his clothing and left the place without informing us.

·        Sohan left the place with his belonging goods.
         Correct-Sohan left the place with his goods.

·        Can we rely on these informations.
         Correct- Can we rely on pieces of information?

·        Little things has been done.
         Correct- Little has been done.

·        There was lot of mistakes in your exercise?
        Correct- There were a lot of mistakes in your exercise.

·        We have an urgent business.
         Correct- We have an urgent piece of business.

·        I could not get good mark in English.
        Correct- I could not get good marks in English.


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