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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Definition of Pronoun- Banking exam Preparation notes on English


A Pronoun is defined as a word which can be used instead of a Noun or it is word or forms that substitute for a Noun.
  1.          The Spider is making their cobweb.
  2.          The person, who wins prize, brings honor to his school.

Kinds of Pronoun

Personal Pronoun- A personal pronoun which denote an entity of a specific person or thing.
Some personal pronouns are given – My, we, you, he, she, their, them etc.

These are of two types-

Subject Pronouns Subject pronoun means that the person in the sentence is acting as the Subject.

  1.          I like to eat chips, but she does not.
  2.         When he was young, he earned his living as a labor.

Objective Personal Pronoun Object pronouns indicate that the person or thing is the object of the sentence or clause.

  1.          Jyoti likes me but not her.
  2.          After reading this paper Ankur threw it into dustbin.

Possessive Personal Pronoun Possessive Personal Pronoun is used to indicate possession and defines who owns a particular object or person.
  1.          He is arranging his school bag.
  2.          I am starting my work.

Demonstrative Pronoun - Some pronoun points to someone. They are called Demonstrative Pronoun. They point to near or far nouns, one or many nouns.
  1.          That is dark cloud.
  2.          These are your achievements which we shall praise.

Distributive Pronoun- Distributive Pronouns are used to refer persons or things one at a time.
  1.          Each of women received the reward.
  2.         Either he or she can go.

Indefinite pronoun It refers to general categories of people or thing. It replaces nouns that are not specified.
  1.          Anyone can do that.
  2.          Somebody has stolen his gift.

Relative Pronoun Relative Pronoun refer back to people or things previously mentioned.
  1.         Those, who obey their parents, rise in life.
  2.          Poor people, whom no one cares for, live-in slums.

Interrogative Pronoun these pronouns are used to ask questions.
Interrogative Pronoun as Subject-
  1.   Who said that “Swaraj is my Birthright”
  2.    Which of these questions is the easiest?


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